NEXT Case Study

  • 23 October 2023
  • 5 min to read

Industry: Fashion & Home Products 

Region: Global 

Size: 43,000+ employees 

Products: Cross-border solutions to 4 countries, mutual marketing campaigns to promote the brand and customer returns. 


NEXT is a multinational brand of clothing and home décor famous for its quality and sophisticated design all over the world.  

Originally started in Great Britain in 1982, now its reach goes beyond Europe: you can find NEXT stores in the Middle East and Asia as well as 500 stores worldwide. NEXT is the largest retailer in Great Britain eager to expand its reach in the following ways: 

  • Deliver all kinds of shipments to 4 countries;  
  • Provide smooth cross-border experience for all orders according to customs clearance procedures; 
  • Allow customers to return their orders and pay for them after review in the chosen point of delivery where possible. 


NEXT started using Meest services in 2013. Since then, we’ve shipped myriad of orders by buses, planes, and trucks to four countries that were of great interest to the brand: Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Malta, and Norvegia. All of them were different in terms of potential difficulties to overcome; however, Meest has found a solution for every country.  

First of all, we integrated the brand into our MWL platform. Thus, NEXT got all our services in one place without the need to revert to another integrator company or delivery service.  

Second, our solution offered 6 last miles that made delivery to 4 mentioned countries possible. It allowed NEXT’s customers to enjoy all services that we have: PUDO, lockers, and home delivery so they didn’t have to come to stores to pick up their orders.  

Third, Meest did its best to provide customs clearance to those countries of delivery where necessary. Despite the differences in legal terms, MWL platform allows smooth customs clearance with the respective API so that the parcels could arrive at their destinations without prolonged delays.  

Fourth, customer returns were provided for parcels ordered to Ukraine. This exclusive opportunity made NEXT sales skyrocket in the country and made more people happy with decorating their homes or updating their wardrobes.  

Finally, the Cash on Delivery service was also implemented for NEXT so its clients can see and touch what they want to purchase before payment.  


Through the integration with Meest, NEXT has been able to offer a more valuable experience for their clients. By offering logistics services implying the ability to ship to new locations, the NEXT clients can get their orders with less hassle and the brand can enlarge their customer base. 

NEXT no longer has to worry as much about the way its orders will reach people who admire the brand’s products and philosophy. In turn, it means reduced expenses on cooperating with multiple delivery and carrier services. The focus can now be on increasing sales in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Malta, and Norvegia via integrating into MWL platform. 

“Wrapping up the 10th Anniversary of cooperation with NEXT, we can say that this decade was especially productive for us both in terms of expanding the horizons of our businesses and establishing mutual trust, which is still growing stronger.”  Nazar Tymots, Head of Product Development Department, Meest International 


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