ANSWEAR — No Parcel Was Lost

  • 8 April 2024
  • 5 min to read

Dive into this case study to learn how MWL can revolutionize cross-border delivery for your business.

About Brand is a digital retail platform operating worldwide that offers clothing, footwear, and accessories in Central and Eastern European countries. Customers from all around the world can easily shop for their favorite brand items, from clothes to sneakers and earrings. They wish to receive their purchases as quickly as possible.  

Industry: Fashion Retail   

Region: Europe 

Team Size: up to 50 employees 


Besides this, ANSWEAR expected to meet their customers’ expectations in a few more ways:  

  • Ensure the cross-border delivery of every parcel from Poland to Ukraine is smooth;  
  • Avoid unforeseen circumstances during the cross-border journey;  
  • Decrease the number of declined parcels by the final customer. 


ANSWER started to use Meest services in 2016. We have been diligently working to offer efficient solutions for transporting shipments of various sizes across the Poland-Ukraine border. Our goal is to ensure every Ukrainian customer is satisfied with their delivery.  

To do that, we completed the overall ANSWEAR integration into our MWL platform. Finalizing this process allowed us to meet all requests of the client: in particular, no parcel was lost or labeled inappropriately. Every order was delivered with the care of couriers’ hands right to the door of the final customer.  

Second, to mitigate the effect of issues during the journey, Meest offered alternative vehicles that allowed the delivery of customer orders without prolongations. From trucks to buses, our team made it happen to meet the required delivery terms in just a couple of days.  

Third, Meest increased the overall number of successfully delivered parcels and shipments. We made it happen by contributing to communication with the ANSWEAR customers by providing them with special offers.  


In 2023, the number of ANSWEAR parcels delivered with the Meest assistance has hit the record high, and the process is ongoing.   

“The unique solutions we created for ANSWEAR during years of our cooperation allowed us to get through the peak season safely as well as manage the existing cross-border challenges without troubles”. Oleksandr Vaulin, Logistics Operations Director, Meest International.  

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