Communication Module

System of automatic triggers based on logistic events

Communication Module
Independent omnichannel tool

With the approach we developed, the communication among all parties of sales is made easy: you and your customers will be satisfied with the quality of order delivery, the terms, and conditions we can offer.

Ship better with Communication Module
Data Protection

You won't have to worry about your data being stored, trasferred, and kept within the platform: all the necessary safety measures are maintained.

Verification of addresses worldwide

Our Address Verification API accurately verifies addresses in over 240 countries and territories.

Trust-worthy technology

The MWL fast response operation along with the robust infrastructure, and reliable uptime make our solution dependable.

Partners who trust us 
how to improve customer interaction
  1. Submit an address

    Provide full destination address: unit, street, city, state, zip, and country.

  2. MWL validates the address

    Our Address Verification API reviews the address, correcting or flagging it using our worldwide database.

  3. Ship with confidence

    Have peace of mind knowing that your package is headed for a valid destination.

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A little about Communication Module

Enhanced Collaboration

The Communication module promotes improved collaboration between the various stakeholders within the logistics ecosystem. It facilitates seamless communication between partners, carriers, warehouses and other entities, promoting a more integrated supply chain.

Real-time Information

The module enables real-time information sharing, providing instant updates on shipment status, inventory levels and other critical logistics data. This ensures that all parties have access to the latest information, reducing delays and improving decision making.

Efficient problem resolution

By providing a centralised communication platform, the module facilitates efficient problem resolution. Stakeholders can quickly address challenges, coordinate solutions and minimise disruptions, resulting in smoother logistics operations.

High-level customer service

Communication module plays a critical role in improving customer service by enabling timely and transparent communication with customers. Real-time updates and notifications contribute to a positive customer experience, building trust and loyalty.

Multiple carriers,one platform

Assist your e-commerce platform via creating shipping labels and sending tracking notifications to your customers, just with a single click.


Select the best carriers and provide flexible delivery options.


Automate customs documentation.

Scan & Ship

Complete orders and print shipping labels with a single scan.

Return Portal

Offer a great return process for your customers and yourself.


Send the right notification at the right time.

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