Smart Logistic

An automated distribution system that offers the most suitable carrier based on predefined metrics, rules, and priority settings.

Smart Logistic to reduce failed deliveries by up to 65%

We developed Meest Smart Logistic module to enhance address precision, provide first-attempt delivery success, decrease delivery expenses, and elevate the customer experience.

Delight Your Customers

Address Selection Fix and Verification

Validate addresses, notify customers regarding potential errors, and add missing information.

Effortless International Shipping

Our Address Verification API accurately verifies addresses in over 240 countries and territories.

Reduce Parcel Shipping Costs

Avoid misroutes and delay in deliveries by the accurate mapping of addresses

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How it works
  1. Integrate with our API

    Contact our support team or review our API documentation and guides for quick integration

  2. Submit an address

    Provide full destination address: unit, street, city, state, zip, and country.

  3. MWL validates the address

    Our Address Verification API reviews the address, correcting or flagging it using our worldwide database.

  4. Ship with confidence

    Have peace of mind knowing that your package is headed for a valid destination.

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Boost your sales with hi-end logistics platform

Single access point to 207 000+ PUDOs and lockers worldwide

Favorite PUDO

The system allows customers to choose their favorite PUDO, reduce time and improve customer experience

Automatically select the best service for a parcel

A flexible system of settings and rules allows you to automatically offer customers the best type of delivery

Multiple carriers,one platform

Import all your orders from your e-commerce platform, create shipping labels and send tracking notifications to your customers, with a single click.


Select the best carriers and provide flexible delivery options.


Automate customs documentation.

Scan & Ship

Complete orders and print shipping labels with a single scan.

Return Portal

Offer a great return process for your customers and yourself.


Send the right notification at the right time.

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  • What is geocoding?

    Geocoding is the process of translating a physical address into a geographical location typically involving latitude and longitude.

  • Can geocoding help optimize costs?

    Yes, it can. Geocoding enables delivery stakeholders to locate customers with precision. This reduces first attempt failures, shrinks fuel consumption and boosts profit margins per delivery.

  • Is Meest`s geocoding privacy compliant?

    Yes, your customer’s data is encrypted and is never exposed to 3rd party applications.

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