Powerful Shipping API

One-stop solution for the end-to-end parcel shipping and other services.

From Checkout To Returns: How It's Done

We easily integrate with over 250 carriers, ERP, WMS solutions, and Payment Providers, offering a fast and straightforward connection to our systems. This integration enhances efficiency and customer experience.

Dynamic checkout options, delivery data analysis, and shipping rules become more accessible when these systems collaborate, ultimately leading to e-commerce success.

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Ship better with MWL's Address Verification API
Availability with Each Label Purchase

Once integrated with our Shipping API, you get full access to our CASS-Certified address validation API.

Worldwide Address Verification

Our Address Verification API accurately verifies addresses in over 240 countries and territories.

Technology You Can Trust

The MWL fast response time along robust infrastructure, and stable uptime make our solution reliable for your business.

Branded Tracking Portal and Notification

Delivering a state-of-the-art customer experience aligned with the seller's brand identity, aesthetics, and overall perception.

Say Goodbye to Time Wasted on Shipping Tasks.

Our all-in-one solution for managing and automating your shipping requirements: creating labels, arranging pickups, and tracking finances made seamless with our cloud-based platform.

Reports and Insights

Receive data-driven insights that help monitor performance among carriers.

Partners who trust us 
How it works
  1. Submit an address

    Provide full destination address: unit, street, city, state, zip, and country.

  2. MWL validates the address

    Our Address Verification API reviews the address, correcting or flagging it using our worldwide database.

  3. Ship with confidence

    Have peace of mind knowing that your package is headed for a valid destination.

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A little about API

Reduce data entry errors and increase deliverability

Now that over 50% of internet traffic is via mobile devices, people are making purchases from their phones more than ever, but auto-correct functionality isn't always your friend. Using an address validation API helps your customers provide their address accurately to ensure they don't miss a delivery and you don't have to issue a refund.

Keep customers informed at every stage of the process

Utilize webhooks to automate tracking updates, minimizing 'Where is my order?' inquiries. Create customer notifications that automatically relay shipping status changes, ensuring customers stay well-informed.

Build your own ecommerce tracking​ experiences​

Design tracking features within your website or app, such as the 'my account' section, or establish your dedicated tracking portal. Redirect traffic through sales channels to boost upselling opportunities, while also proactively addressing customer queries to minimize the need for contacting your support team.

Streamline customer service responses with automation

Integrate AI to automate responses to customer inquiries regarding tracking, allowing for faster ticket resolution and reducing the need for manual intervention by support teams.

Multiple carriers,one platform

Assist your e-commerce platform via creating shipping labels and sending tracking notifications to your customers, just with a single click.


Select the best carriers and provide flexible delivery options.


Automate customs documentation.

Scan & Ship

Complete orders and print shipping labels with a single scan.

Return Portal

Offer a great return process for your customers and yourself.


Send the right notification at the right time.

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  • What are the primary business advantages of live tracking?

    Live tracking and tracing contribute to cost savings, informed decision-making, expedited deliveries, SLA compliance, enhanced customer satisfaction, and other benefits for businesses.

  • Who has access to your shipment tracking system?

    You can establish a comprehensive ecosystem where customers, users, suppliers, and partners can all track shipments whenever needed.

  • How does Meest's live tracking enhance logistics visibility?

    Meest enables delivery stakeholders to achieve comprehensive real-time tracking of shipments, ensuring accurate estimated times of arrival, strict adherence to service level agreements, enhanced customer transparency, and effective risk mitigation through instant proactive alerts and notifications.

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