Tracking Module

Enhance your customer experience with Meest Tracking Module

Tracking Module
Provide Enriched Tracking Data

Draw new customers and keep existing ones by providing shoppers with the constant notification about their delivery progress. Establish innovative retail marketing channels that will consistently make them come back for more.

Ship better with MWL's Tracking module
Any Shipment Tracking

Monitor various types of shipments: from domestic, cross-border, and outbound, to return, multi-parcel, multi-carrier, multi-leg, and more.

Seamless Interaction with the API

Effortlessly search for shipments using tracking numbers, order numbers, customer IDs, and even email addresses.

Comprehensive Order Journeys Access

Retrieve complete shipment journey data, encompassing pre-shipment, carrier, and return events, presented in a consecutive manner.

Over 160 Carriers Tracking

Monitor shipments across a vast network of 160+ carriers, spanning 1000+ services, 207,000 PUDO (Pick-Up Drop-Off) points, and even your own store locations.

Support Calls Reduction by 47%

Provide customers with the ability to track their orders to diminish the volume of "Where Is My Order" (WISMO) inquiries.

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How it works
  1. Leverage Meest Platform for Comprehensive Shipment Tracking

    Meest Platform offers seamless shipment tracking, including a free tracker with every EasyPost shipment or the option to generate a standalone tracker.

  2. Enhance Customer Engagement

    Craft a personalized tracking experience by customizing the tracking page with your brand's identity, eliminating the need for dull, generic carrier tracking pages.

  3. Keep Customers Informed in Real Time

    Provide customers with real-time updates on their package's status, reducing the need for customer inquiries and saving you valuable time.

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A little about Tracking module

Foster Lasting Customer Loyalty Through a Seamless Experience

Unlock an end-to-end customer journey that cultivates customer loyalty. Contact our team to experience live versions of our Checkout, Track, and Returns solutions, which enhance the overall customer experience.

Equip Your Service Agents with Valuable Tracking Insights

Integrate comprehensive tracking data into your CRM system, enabling your teams to swiftly and effectively address customer inquiries and manage delivery expectations.

Streamline Customer Service Responses

Efficiently handle customer tracking-related queries by seamlessly integrating AI-powered automation. This enables rapid ticket resolution while reducing the need for manual intervention by your support teams.

Empower Your Business with Tracking Insights

Shipment tracking is not solely for customers; it's a strategic asset for your business. Stay agile by receiving tracking updates through our webhooks, which provide real-time notifications on the status of your Meest Platform objects. These notifications empower you to trigger various automated responses, from SMS and email alerts to in-house workflows.

Multiple carriers,one platform

Assist your e-commerce platform via creating shipping labels and sending tracking notifications to your customers, just with a single click.


Select the best carriers and provide flexible delivery options.


Automate customs documentation.

Scan & Ship

Complete orders and print shipping labels with a single scan.

Return Portal

Offer a great return process for your customers and yourself.


Send the right notification at the right time.

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