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We create a seamless experience on the orders your customers make online.

Returns module
Facilitate Customer Loyalty by Simplifying E-Commerce Returns Processing

The returns digitization streamlines the customer post-purchase experience. Besides this, it enhances efficiency in warehouses, and optimizes inventory management so that worldwide shipping could be smooth and fast.

Deliver an Exceptional Returns Experience
Cost-Efficient Shipping

Reduce shipping costs up to 50%. Feel free to choose the most cost-effective method for returns, leveraging a variety of local and international services to tailor your approach for different markets.

Enhanced Conversions

Promote a customer-friendly returns policy and direct customers to an accessible returns experience on your website, encouraging them to return through the store and explore additional sales opportunities.

Increase Customer Retention

Get a range of convenient shipping options, including paperless labels, collection, drop-off points, and both express and economy delivery services.

Efficient Customer Service

Provide a hassle-free, self-service returns experience for your customers while keeping them informed about the status of their returns.

Select Refund or Exchange

Simplify the process for the retailer to preserve revenue or explore eco-friendly alternatives.

Digitize the Complete Returns Procedure

Efficiently manage paperless returns while saving time and resources through a digital returns process.

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Easy steps to build customer loyalty
  1. Rapid Returns Label Generation

    Generate returns labels swiftly with a straightforward API call, whether for domestic or international shipments.

  2. Construct Self-Service Returns Solutions

    Lower your cost-to-serve by integrating self-service returns functionalities into your e-commerce platform.

  3. Effortless Returns Tracking

    Obtain tracking and visibility for all returns, facilitating efficient operational management and stock retrieval.

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Empower Your Returns Journey

Revenue Retention

Transform returns into customer retention opportunities. Our user-friendly digital returns portal simplifies offering exchange options.

Efficiency and Revenue

Boost revenues through returns. Save both time and money with our digital returns process, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Comprehensive Management

Handle all aspects of returns seamlessly – from business rules to tracking and refunds – via a powrful returns module.

Multiple carriers,one platform

Assist your e-commerce platform via creating shipping labels and sending tracking notifications to your customers, just with a single click.


Select the best carriers and provide flexible delivery options.


Automate customs documentation.

Scan & Ship

Complete orders and print shipping labels with a single scan.

Return Portal

Offer a great return process for your customers and yourself.


Send the right notification at the right time.

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  • Why Do Customers Return Purchased Items?

    E-commerce brands face the challenge of selling products without customers physically examining them. This is the primary reason why 30% of online orders are returned, a significantly higher rate compared to the 9% return rate for in-person retailers.

  • Cost of Returns to Ecommerce Businesses

    Similar to the resources required for shipping products, reverse logistics involve associated expenses for online retailers. Processing returns is less efficient than regular logistics, as it demands additional and unexpected resources that could be allocated more effectively elsewhere.

    1. Labor: Processing returns requires additional manpower to receive and handle packages. At every step of the return journey, labor costs are incurred, placing a burden on inventory management and restocking processes.
    2. Reselling: If the product remains viable, reselling it involves repackaging and reintegrating it into the sales supply chain, consuming extra time and effort.
    3. Transportation: Returning packages from buyers to sellers comes with transportation costs related to fuel and equipment.
    4. Damaged Goods: When a product is irreparably damaged, it represents a complete loss. However, if it can be salvaged with repairs, it often makes financial sense to do so, even though additional expenses are involved in the repair process."

  • How to Manage E-commerce Returns

    While customer returns typically have a negative impact on most online retailers, this effect can be mitigated by adhering to established return procedures. These practices not only ensure a positive customer experience but also facilitate the proper and efficient handling of the returned product.

    1. Return to the Warehouse: Especially for e-commerce companies, returning the product to the original warehouse is often the most practical approach. This facility is equipped to store the returned item and seamlessly reintegrate it into the order fulfillment process.
    2. Return to a Physical Store: For in-store purchases, a straightforward drop-off at the brick-and-mortar location is usually the most efficient option. It minimizes the logistics involved in returning the item to the sales supply chain and enables the store to quickly return it to the shelf.
    3. Utilize a Fulfillment Service for Return Management: For businesses that outsource their logistics, it's logical to delegate reverse logistics to the same fulfillment service. All shipping-related matters, including returns, are efficiently handled by the fulfillment service, simplifying the returns process."

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