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Top 7 Cheapest Ways to Ship Apparel  

  • 8 January 2024
  • 5 min to read

In the continuously growing world of e-commerce, shipping is a key way to have your customers satisfied and loyal to your business. Being an apparel retailer that is looking to minimize expenditures without compromising on service quality, you are eager to find affordable shipping solutions, and we at Meest know how to do that. 

Below, we'll explore the top seven cheapest ways to ship apparel, helping your business streamline the logistics and enhance your presence in any destination.  

  1. Compile orders into one shipment. When there’s a need to transfer multiple apparel items that were ordered by your customers, consider collecting them for shipping. This will save the time of delivery, lower the cost for your business, and be the most ecologically smart decision to make. 
  2. Opt for flat-rate shipping to cut your expenses. When delivering clothes and shoes, it’s reasonable to choose flat-rate shipping. It implies that a sender pays only for the packaging type they choose rather than the weight or volume of the parcel. Therefore, opting for cheaper Meest boxes or large envelopes will make your eCommerce business more profitable.  
  3. Explore regional and local carriers to choose the best price for your business. If you’re unsure about companies that can serve your needs, first, compare what the most popular ones offer in the country of your delivery interest, and choose the one that offers the most beneficial services to prices ratio.  
  4. Consider national postal services usage if their delivery terms are satisfactory. Oftentimes, national postal companies are less effective in timely delivery than private ones; however, if their timeframes are satisfactory in a particular case while being cheap, feel free to choose them for getting your orders to the destination point.  
  5. Use parcel lockers and pickup points to deliver clothes smoothly. As home deliveries are more expensive than delivery to PUDOs and lockers, using the latter option will be more beneficial for your business.  
  6. Explore hybrid services. Hybrid services, combining elements of both traditional postal services and private carriers, can offer a cost-effective solution. Meest provides such solutions that utilize the efficiency of major carriers for long-haul transportation and leverage the postal service for last mile delivery. This hybrid approach can result in significant cost savings while maintaining reliable delivery time frames. 
  7. Don’t hesitate to discuss rates and potential discounts. If you establish a strong relationship with shipping carriers, you’ll surely get negotiated contracts and discounted rates. For businesses with consistent shipping volumes, carriers may offer customized pricing plans based on their shipping patterns. Negotiating contracts with multiple carriers will allow you to compare and secure the best rates for their specific needs, ensuring cost-effective and reliable shipping solutions. 

As you can see, there are several ways to ship clothes and shoes without extensive losses for your budget. Take your time to analyze Meest’s logistics and delivery opportunities to handle large shipments and enjoy your business expanding to the next level!  

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