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Furniture Shipping Tips: Keep Your Cozy Items Safe with Meest

  • 1 February 2024
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Nice to see you again here in our Meest International blog! Today, we're sharing our top effective tips on how to ship furniture items for your comfortable place.

Furniture shipping implies careful planning and attention to detail so that your items arrive at your customers' houses or offices in the proper condition. Here are some tips to help you with furniture shipping:

  1. Measure and Weigh The Item: The size and weight of a sofa or a table to ship are crucial for determining shipping costs and selecting appropriate packaging. Therefore, it's the first thing you need to do in order to get your furniture to the destination safely.
  2. Choose the Right Packaging Materials: Use sturdy, high-quality packaging to protect your furniture on the way to your customers' houses or work places. This may include bubble wrap, cardboard sheets, furniture blankets, and hard boxes.
  3. Disassemble if Possible: If your furniture piece can be disassembled, do that before shipping. This not only reduces the size of the items but also makes them easier to handle and pack. Keep all details and small parts in labeled bags.
  4. Wrap and Protect: Wrap furniture in a bubble wrap or furniture blankets to protect surfaces from scratches and damage. Pay extra attention to delicate areas, such as corners and edges.
  5. Use Corner Protectors: Use corner protectors made of foam or cardboard to safeguard fragile parts of your furniture pieces.
  6. Secure Drawers and Doors: If your furniture has drawers or doors, use packing tape to keep them closed during their way to your customers.
  7. Label Fragile Items: Clearly label items that are fragile. This alerts the shipping company and handlers to take extra care with those particular pieces.
  8. Choose the Reliable Shipping Company: Select a reliable shipping company with a long story of furniture shipping. Check reviews and get quotes from different carriers to find the best balance between cost and service.
  9. Consider White Glove Service: White glove service includes professional packing, loading, transport, and even unpacking and assembly at the destination. While it may be more expensive, it ensures that your furniture is handled with the utmost care.
  10. Order Insurance: Consider purchasing shipping insurance to protect your furniture in case of damage or loss during transit. Check with the shipping company for available coverage options.
  11. Check Shipping Regulations: Be aware of any shipping regulations or restrictions, especially if you are shipping internationally. Certain materials may be prohibited or require special handling.
  12. Track Shipments: Use the tracking services provided by the shipping company to monitor the progress of your shipment. This allows you to be aware of any delays or issues.
  13. Documentation: Keep all shipping documents, receipts, and tracking information in a safe place. This documentation may be useful in case of a claim or if you need to contact customer service.
  14. Communicate with the Recipient: Provide the recipient with tracking information and expected delivery dates. Stay in touch throughout the process to address any concerns or changes on the way.

By following these tips, you can help ensure a smoother and more secure shipping process for your furniture.

For more information on shipping furniture or other interior design items, feel free to contact our team and see you soon on the pages of our blog!

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