Forget Shopping Cart Abandonment: 5 Tips to Increase Your Sales

  • 5 February 2024
  • 4 min to read

Are you looking for more customers to finish orders they make on your e-store? Welcome back to our Meest International blog to find out how to attract your website guests to choose you among other e-commerce offers.

  1. Streamline the checkout process. Your potential customers will likely leave their shopping carts if it takes too long to get to the checkout page. Make the steps required to complete a purchase logical, avoid a lot of form fields to fill in, and reduce clicks for the clients to make. Implement guest checkout options, allowing customers to purchase without creating an account.
  2. Simplify your service for mobile users. Your sales will increase drastically if you launch a mobile app for your e-store since many people shop online on the go while staying in traffic jams, cooking, or even making their coffee at the office. Make sure that both your desktop and mobile versions align in the checkout process. Simplified design will also make your customers like your service and finish their order.
  3. Make pricing and shipping costs clear to your clients: Surprise costs during the checkout process, such as unexpected taxes or shipping fees, will lead potential customers to search for another e-store to buy what they're looking for. Show pricing and shipping costs in the beginning of the customer's journey. Consider offering free shipping or stating any minimum order requirements for such an offer.
  4. Implement Exit-Intent Pop-ups: Use friendly pop-ups for those who engage with customers who are about to abandon their shopping carts. Offer them discounts, gift packaging, or limited-time promotions to encourage them to complete their purchase. Positive and friendly pop-ups can effectively capture the attention of indecisive shoppers and persuade them to finalize their orders.
  5. Retargeting Abandoned Cart Emails: Build a smart retargeting strategy to reach out to customers who have left your e-shop cart without an order. Add targeted ads on social media platforms and other online channels to remind customers of the products they left behind in their e-carts. Additionally, set up automated email campaigns to send personalized reminders and special offers so that your customers would feel appreciated and motivated to return and complete their purchase.

Growing your business revenue will be easier if you pay attention to addressing the issue of the e-cart abandonment. Put either of our pieces of advice into action and see how your e-store will flourish: your customers won't forget your effort into making them feel important once they decide to leave. So they will stay.

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