Logistics Solutions Digitalization

  • 18 April 2022
  • 2 min to read

Meest International is actively digitalizing most of the processes for our partners. The Meest World Logistics Platform is our key pattern in this process.

This digital platform contains modules that correspond to each stage of the supply chain, which allows our partners to manage the complete cross-border logistics ecosystem from a single site, including all components of the process: from parcel collection and customs clearance to final delivery to the consumer.

Here you can see the advantages of our platform for you:

  • online communicating with the parcel recipient is made easy with several communication channels, including chatbots, SMS notifications, or popular messengers.
  • analysing of operating expenses and profits, issue invoices, and calculation of SLA penalties or profit margins is available.
  • selecting the final carrier in the country of delivery according to the parcel size, the customer’s expectations, or its geolocation.
  • an automated parcel distribution service that selects the final carrier in the country of delivery according to the parcel size, the customer’s expectations, or its geolocation.

Most elements of the customs clearance process are also digitized in the MWL platform, which saves a lot of time, and resources for our partners. All this was achieved through a combination of the most innovative CRM and ERP components, as well as the use of data mining.

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