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Cross-Border Logistics is critical: interview with iHerb’s Executive Vice President of Logistics, Miriee Chang

  • 21 December 2022
  • 5 min to read

First of all, it would be interesting to learn about your start and history.

Since our founding in 1996, we have been dedicated to offering the world’s best-curated selection of health and wellness products at the best possible value, delivered with the most convenient experience. We believe that health and wellness should be a universal right made possible through compassion and our collective action. This belief will continue to guide us as we endeavour to make our mission a reality.

We are currently the world’s largest health and wellness e-commerce platform dedicated to the VMS category. We offer over 30,000 products with the goal of becoming the #1 destination for health and wellness products around the world.

Do you expand your activities to other markets?

We service over 185 nations and ship to our customers directly from 5 global fulfilment centres supported by 2 hub warehouses. All of our fulfilment centres and hubs are climate controlled and are GMP or ISO warehouse certified. With partnerships with over 100 global logistics companies, including Meest, iHerb delivers as early as the next day and 2-day to 5-day for many global nations, with free shipping offered to 50 nations currently.

For example, Meest World Logistics Platform provides a full stack of the e-commerce supply chain: starting with the integration of a dozen last miles with only 1 API connector and the possibility of showing collections from parcel shops, stores, and locker boxes as delivery options at web store and app map widget, continuing with order processing at the physical movement stage from airport handling at different entry points, customs clearance under the requirements of IOSS in Europe, daily linehaul connections to destination countries and last mile control on the last stage. More than 20 European countries with access to PUDO and locker networks of local delivery heroes in each country – today, this approach to delivery out of home has already become a standard: save costs, increase NPS, and reduce last-mile emission.

How do iHerb enter new foreign markets – logistics, marketing, and sales cases. Why does iHerb choose the cross-border logistics concept?

Cross-border logistics is critical as iHerb is on a mission to make health and wellness accessible to all. iHerb is equipped with quality products and infrastructure in IT, logistics, fulfilment, and marketing to yield significant value and convenience for our customers around the world.

Do you plan to develop cross-border e-commerce in other markets? What are your forecasts for the future of cross-border e-commerce?

iHerb’s global expansion over the past 26 years has enabled us to build a strong foundation for our global cross-border e-commerce business. We expect this strong foundation to continue to build iHerb’s brand awareness as we continue our mission to make health and wellness accessible to all. Crossborder business is highly complex and challenging to navigate, and we believe iHerb’s foundation and expertise have and will continue to thrust us forward and differentiate us from our competitors.

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